In the extensive portfolio of Droomcasas, especially on Mallorca and Ibiza, many customers have been able to find the house of their dreams. It is also natural that the type of dwelling, design, location, price or other search criteria means that our displayed portfolio does not give rise to further contact.

Especially this occurs with people who are looking for a longer time and are (very) specific in their wishes

From the Netherlands or Belgium it is often difficult to judge whether a particular house or location is indeed so interesting to take the plane to check out the place on Mallorca or Ibiza. We find that many people limit the moments of sightseeing to the already planned holiday (s). Although that, in itself, is a logical choice, it appears in practice that time can be lost to visits which, in the case of a correct preselection, would not have taken place.

That preselection is what Droomcasas can organize for you. Because we are present on site, we can, in consultation with you, visit a number of properties, take pictures, request detailed information and present it to you in the Netherlands. We represent you as a potential buyer and help you, on the spot, in the purchase process.

We offer this service on Mallorca and Ibiza.

If you are interested in our ‘Search contract’, please contact us.