Droomcasas is a full service brokerage firm. All around and after purchasing your property (on Mallorca), Droomcasas offers help organizing and managing your home.

It concerns:

  • Maintenance of the house, garden and swimming pool.
  • Rental Services
  • Renovation/Rebuilding Services

Home, garden and Pool maintenance on Mallorca .

Our maintenance team offers you a single point of contact and a comprehensive and bespoke service for home, garden and pool maintenance.

Leaving your property in good hands while you are away means that when you come back to Mallorca, your house, garden, swimming pool, car and boat are in perfect condition, with a clean house and swimming pool, fruit on the trees, grass on the lawn, gas in the engine and wine in the fridge.

In agreement with you we take care of regular house visits so that your house and garden, swimming pool, car and boat are well maintained and in good condition.

Our team of professional gardeners advise on the best times to plant, harvest and shorten your trees, the most suitable plants and flowers for the terrain and how you can enjoy your Mediterranean garden.

To keep your pool clean, regular filter maintenance is required. The pool water should ideally be tested once a week to keep the PH levels in balance and maintain the correct pool chemistry. This can prolong the lifespan of your pool and save you time and money.

Home Maintenance

We provide maintenance solutions for your peace of mind and comfort, caring for your home while you are away.

We can take care of your entire property or deal with specific requirements. Here is a complete list of all our property management services:


  • Complete Cleaning Services
  • Maintenance of the House (repainting, maintenance of the appliance, maintenance of wood, oil hinges, etc.)
  • Regular general inspections (checking for leaks, fungal formation, etc.)
  • Regular security visits
  • Regular Reports to Property owners
  • Complete Cleaning Services

Depending on your wishes and needs, we can also help you with other things related to your property such as the provision of a handyman, your mail collection, delivery of messages and other concierge services.


Garden Maintenance

Droomcasas coordinates the maintenance of your garden like:

  • Watering, trimming, weeding and fertilizing.
  • Regular inspections and maintenance of outdoor equipment and luminaires
  • Regular Reports to Property owners

We can also advise how to plant according to the season, so that we choose flowers that bloom during the months that you are on Mallorca and vegetables and fruit plants that you can eat while you are here.

All in all, we offer a localservice for garden maintenance to be absolutely sure that everything is perfect when you are here to enjoy it.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Professional poolcleaning and maintenance services:

  • Regular inspections and maintenance of swimming pool equipment and luminaires
  • Cleaning, chemical equilibrium, maintenance of equipment
  • Regular reporting to property owners
  • Fully personalised pool service plans to meet your needs

We know it’s a big job and probably one that you don’t want to do. Keeping your pool in good condition is hard work and requires regular maintenance. However, maintaining your pool can prolong the life of your pool and save you time and money.

Hiring the services of a swimming pool pro will ensure that you always have a swimming pool in perfect condition and a property in Mallorca that is ready for your holiday. This is what we can do for you:

To begin with, swimming pool water should ideally be tested once a week (preferably 2x) to keep the pH levels in balance and to keep the water clear. As a result, your pool is not only clean and fresh, but can also prolong the life span of all your pool equipment.

Pool service level positions are also kept at an optimal level. No one likes to swim in a pool that is too low or that overflows. It can also be dangerous and lead to accidents. We maintain the pool level and ensure that there are no leaks.

Filter maintenance is another important factor to keep your pool in good condition. Your pool filter is a valuable device, vital to maintain the brightness of the water.

Repairs. We will not only keep and keep your swimming pool in good swimming condition, but also carry out repairs to equipment.

Security. We can install safety features around the pool.


Rental Services

Droomcasas helps you to make your home ready for long term or holiday rental. These services include the coordination of the promotion, cleaning and key transfer and inspection on the day of arrival and departure of the guests.

Of course we will coordinate the availability schedule in close contact with you.

We advise on pricing and reporting on the progress of bookings during the season.


Renovation/Rebuilding Services

Droomcasas has contact with local, specialised contractors in the area of remodeling and/or renovation of your house or villa in Mallorca. Design, construction and restoration of your house in continuous consultation and advice with the best professionals in each field.

Droomcasas has built up a trust relationship with the most reliable builders, plumbers, electricians and installation experts in Majorca.

From small adjustments and improvements to home reforms and rebuildings, our contractors offer fully customised project management services, that comply to all legal regulations and meet the standards, needs and expectations of the Homeowner.