It is a quaint island that surprises many with its blue beaches, hilly landscapes and emerald green valleys. Menorca is often referred to as an open-air museum because of its large number of attractions. The largest city on the island, Mahon, has many historical monuments and architecture.

Those who are interested in walking tours can go to the city of Ciutadella. In This city there is almost no traffic, therefore, citizens and travelers can walk or cycle through the old streets. The main curiosity is the Olivas Palace, located on a square.


Leisure, attractions, recreation

Menorca is the best destination for outdoor lovers. The best part of the island for hiking is the center with a mix of green scenic meadows and stone deserts. The contrast of stones and vegetation is a beautiful décor during an excursion on the Island. During the excursions, tourists will find plenty of exotic plants and flowers, furthermore also variety of unique herbs and shrubs grows on Menorca.

Many tourists feel attracted to the island of Menorca, since the island has more than 120 coastal recreation points. Some parts of the coast are only accessible by sea, especially beaches of Cala Galdana and Cala Anna are very popular among holidaymakers.

More private and secluded beaches are located in the northern part of the island because the sea is more quiet there. This is the most important feature that makes the area perfect, also for a comfortable holiday with children.

Lovers of modern entertainment should visit the city of Alaior on the island, which is home to the largest and most popular entertainment complex Bowling Son Bou. If you want to ride a horse, visit the equestrian Center near the tourist Information centre.


Traditions, Festivals

A nickname for Menorca is called the Island of Fire and wind. A visit to Menorca during one of the many festivals is a good idea. Exciting and festive festivities are organized almost every month.

Each ethnic festival is accompanied by local knights on horseback, because horses are the main symbol of the island. For many centuries families on Menorca have devoted themselves to the breeding of horses and this knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. Still the horse breeding, for many local families, is the main activity in their life.


In summary Menorca is a beautiful holiday destination but also a nice living location. After all, the island has a lot to offer for young and old which it makes a beautiful destination for families.