Mallorca is where small towns contain beautiful historical heritage;
Valldemossa, where there is a Cartesian monastery, Alcudia, a medieval town surrounded by very strong walls and FELANITX, with its many wine terraces. The underground world of Mallorca is represented by two caves-Dratx and Ham.

The main natural attractions of the island are the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana. They are on the UNESCO list. For tourists there are many interesting hiking trails, through which you can see the most hidden corners of the mountain range and climb a number of mountain tops.

Among the largest historic buildings in Mallorca is the Almudena Cathedral (Sa Creu). It was built in the 14th century and is a clear example of Moorish architecture. Originally the huge building was the residence of the visors. Later the castle was occupied by the Knights of Mallorca, and then the building became a royal residence. Important political events and meetings are held there. For more than 500 years, the fort has retained its spectacular and unattainable appearance.


Leisure, attractions, recreation.

Mallorca is an island that is part of the Balearic Islands archipelago. It is the main island where the Government of the Balearic Islands is housed. It houses the most prestigious, popular and eco-resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. It can be called a paradise for tourists. You will be celebrating holidays all year round, there are beautiful sandy beaches, a clear sea with blue turquoise colours and many historical monuments.
Well-known places on the southwest coast of Mallorca are Cala Mayor (Illetes), Palmanova (Magaluf), Santa Ponsa, Andratx and Paguera.

There are water parks with excellent leisure facilities, numerous hiking and cycling areas, various sports facilities, both indoor and outdoor, shopping malls and local markets, as well as great discotheques and other entertainment venues. In the region of Calvia there is a popular water park called Marineland that will be just as fun and interesting for children as for adults. Apart from a variety of water attractions, the park offers visitors a fascinating program. Every day there are several shows with seals, penguins and parrots.

The main way of public transport on the island of Mallorca is a bus. You still pay directly to the driver. The cost of a trip depends on the distance. Therefore, you must indicate the final destination of a trip. Tickets for Buspasses are sold In many tobacco shops or newspaper kiosks. One saves up to 50 of costs.


Traditions, Festivals.

The island is rich in original national holidays and the festivals that are held almost every month. The Sant Pere Festival is a unique and original feast. It is dedicated to the guardian of fishermen. Fishing is still one of the most important crafts of the local people. It is an established tradition of each village of the island to honor the patron of fishermen. The party is accompanied by festive parades and brilliant performances.

Ceramic production is another interesting local craft. This tradition also has its own festival. The sale of ceramic products is celebrated on June 30th in the town of Marratxi. In The Middle Ages the city was famous for its potters.

Another festival is ‘ Verge del Carme ‘. It takes place in July and offers a variety of exciting entertainment events. The boulevard of Palma is an established place for parades and the large outdoor venues are filled with famous musicians and artists. Culinary enthusiasts will appreciate Mallorca during this wine festival. Each city celebrates the feast while retaining its original traditions. The eternal feature of the festival in every city is a lot of great wine and delicious delicacies.

Many cities in Mallorca celebrate the San Bartolomé day or the Sant Bartomeu Festival. The Festival of Chinese lanterns is celebrated in Alcudia. The event is considered the most unique and inimitable national feast. The streets of the old town are beautifully lit. All children participating in the parade must have handmade lanterns.